Datainspektionen (Sweden)

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Name: Datainspektionen
Abbreviation : Datainspektionen
Jurisdiction: Sweden
Head: Lena Lindgren Schelin
Deputy: n/a
Adress: Drottninggatan 29 Box 8114

104 20 Stockholm


Phone: +46 8 657 6100
Twitter: @Datainspektion
Youtube: Datainspektionen
Procedural Law: n/a
Decision Database: n/a
Translated Decisions: Category:Datainspektionen (Sweden)
Head Count: 95
Budget: n/a

The Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen) is the national Data Protection Authority for Sweden. It resides in Stockholm and is in charge of enforcing GDPR in Sweden.

Structure[edit | edit source]

Datainspektionen is an independent administrative body. The organization is structured into different departments, such as Government, Care and Education; Business and Employment; Judiciary, Military and Camera Surveillance.

Datainspektionen also have the responsibility for the Debt Recovery Act and the Credit Information Act.

Procedural Information[edit | edit source]

Applicable Procedural Law[edit | edit source]

The Administrative Procedure Act (Förvaltningslag 2007:900 (in SE)) regulates the complainants rights under Datainspektionen's handling of complaints.

Complaints Procedure under Art 77 GDPR[edit | edit source]

Datainspektionen urges complainants who have an issue with a controller to contact the controller before lodging a complaint. They include a formula than can be used on their site (in SE).

Ex Officio Procedures under Art 57 GDPR[edit | edit source]

Datainspektionen can run ex officio procedures out of its own motion. They provide an overview of their policy to ex officio supervision on their webpage. In addition they provide an overview over which sectors and issues will be prioritized. For 2019-2020 this overview can be found here (in SE).

Appeals[edit | edit source]

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Practical Information[edit | edit source]

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Statistics[edit | edit source]

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