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European Data Protection Board
Name: European Data Protection Board
Abbreviation : EDPB
Jurisdiction: European Union
Chair: Dr Andrea Jelinek
Deputy: n/a
Adress: Rue Wiertz 60

1047 Bruxelles


Webpage: https://edpb.europa.eu/
Email: edpb@edpb.europa.eu
Phone: n/a
Twitter: @EU_EDPB
Procedural Law: n/a
Decision Database: n/a
Translated Decisions: Category:EDPB
Head Count: n/a
Budget: n/a

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) coordinates the national data protection authorities. It replaces the previous Article 29 Working Party. All national DPAs have a seat at the EDPB.


The EDPB was established in may 25th 2018 by article 68 GDPR as a legal body of the European Union with legal personality. It is composed of the head of all the national DPA and of the European Data Protection Supervisor, or their respective representatives. Article 69 GDPR guarantees the EDPB independence in performing its tasks and exercising its powers.

The tasks of the EDPB are listed in articles 70 and 71 GDPR. It includes ensuring the consistent application of GDPR and advising the Commission. Article 71 GDPR states that the EDPB must draw up an annual report regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to data processing.

Procedural Information

Article 72 GDPR states that the EDPB takes decisions by a simple majority of its members and adopt its own rules of procedure by a two-thirds majority of its members. The EDPB has adopted rules of procedure available here.

Applicable Procedural Law

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Practical Information

The EDPB public agenda can be found here.


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