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Licensing and/or complexifying this wiki's use cases[edit source]

This is a question/comment around two strands: technical and legal. Pdehaye (talk) 11:29, 21 January 2020 (UTC)

Licensing[edit source]

According to GDPRhub:General_disclaimer, the content of the wiki is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

[PersonalData.IO|PersonalData.IO]'s volunteers contribute under under CC0, which is incompatible with CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 (at least in one direction, BY, NC and SA are each separate problems).

Note that such licenses used for data are actively harmful to European projects wanting to reuse the data (see the CC-BY-SA part of here).

Technical[edit source]

PersonalData.IO is also much more about structured data, for instance listing companies and the data points collected by each company. I observe that at the same time this wiki seems to hack around the Category system to basically build a database (decision-authority-article-etc). Wikipedia used to use that trick as well, but at some point Wikipedia started switching (gradually) its infoboxes to Wikidata, because it made so much more sense (for instance for multilingualism, to include statistics, etc). PersonalData.IO believes there is a lot of value in collaboratively structuring its data a lot more, for instance in filing programmatically very probing custom SARs based on cutting edge legal and technical knowledge (see the little widget we have implemented). A clear similar use case would be for GDPRhub to do the same for complaints to DPAs for instance. A clear use case at the intersection of GDPRhub and PersonalData.IO would be to file a SAR, then a complaint to a DPA, while keeping civil society in the loop all along.

Reconciliation[edit source]

It would be great if we could overcome technical and licensing barriers and reconcile all our use cases. I see a few (overlapping) ways to do this:

  1. GDPRhub starts using the Wikibase extension for MediaWiki (like PersonalData.IO), which enables federated querying and all kinds of positive outcomes that would make structuring the data easier than what is currently the case on GDPRhub (for instance you could rely more on the templating system to generate the pages for you). We can help in providing technical support to set this up, and then in cross-feeding the wiki. See for instance our community call this Friday.
  2. GDPRhub makes commitments on identifiers for specific pages (~permalinks), which PersonalData.IO uses to create richer views on GDPRhub (see for instance the GDPRhub reference here). This sounds theoretically good, but it would be extremely brittle and a lot of work on our side. It would be a constant cost/benefit calculation which would decrease cross flow between wikis.
  3. GDPRhub revises its licensing scheme overall. We can see that this would be tough to do, given NOYB's financing. It also wouldn't fit the culture of legal scholarship.
  4. GDPRhub refines/clarifies how its licensing scheme applies to the Category namespace, and in general to any structured data entered in the wiki (like infoboxes). Obviously this would only solve the problem if CC0 was chosen, see above.

Hopefully we can resolve all this quickly! Pdehaye (talk) 11:29, 21 January 2020 (UTC)