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  • curprev 13:48, 15 November 2021FD talk contribs 8,827 bytes +44 undo Tag: Visual edit
  • curprev 13:42, 15 November 2021FD talk contribs 8,783 bytes +381 I made some grammatical and syntax changes to ensure clarity ; I added the missing hyperlinks to the articles of the GDPR (make sure to say "Article 6(4) GDPR" and not "Article 6(4) of the GDPR ;-)) ; I erased the numbering in line with our Style Guidelines (NB. normally, numbering/bullet point should only be used for example to list names of parties or specific conditions ; here however, the points made by the HDPA were on different topics, such as the qualification of parties or lawfulness) undo Tag: Visual edit
  • curprev 18:43, 14 November 2021Eleni.papadopoulou talk contribs 8,402 bytes +8,402 Created page with "{{DPAdecisionBOX |Jurisdiction=Greece |DPA-BG-Color=background-color:#ffffff; |DPAlogo=LogoGR.jpg |DPA_Abbrevation=HDPA (Greece) |DPA_With_Country=HDPA (Greece) |Case_Number..." Tag: submission [1.0]