Talk:IMY (Sweden) - DI-2019-3375

From GDPRhub

This decision has been partly altered by the local administrative court in Stockholm (case no 21287-21, judgement date june 10th 2022). With regard to "Outsourcing to MediCall in Thailand" the decision was annulled since the court found that swedish legislation in the health care field, including confidentiality by law, was applicable to the processing that took place in Thailand and that there was sufficient legal basis for the processing. However, the case was referred back to the DPA (IMY) for assessment of the issue of third country transfer of personal data.

The fine regarding the security breach was lowered, since the court found that MedHelp had taken quick and adequate measures in response to the incident.

The total fine was lowered to 8 800 000 SEK. Both MedHelp and the DPA (IMY) has appealed the court´s judgement.