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Current position:

Data Protection Officer for law enforcement in Belgium.

Small Intro:

According to (previous) colleagues: "The perfect link between Legal, IT and Business that is very hard to find"

Legal: Knowing the limits/boundaries of the possibilities and respect them

IT: A pragmatic problem solver who thinks in the spirit of the law rather than the literally meaning of the text

Business: Translating the legal texts that are difficult to read to clear and plain information that is relevant for the business,

Key expertises:

- Data Protection in multinational context

- BCR (Binding Corporate Rules)

- International transfers in professional context

- Cybersecurity - IT security

- Machine learning - Artificial intelligence

- IoT-applications

- Contract management

Get to know me:

A lawyer who is passionate about data protection and privacy matters, IT-law, IT-security and Compliance. With my legal background I like to do research at new developments in the data protection atmosphere, however my interests go beyond law and legislation and entail IT-security (e.g. cloud security solutions, setting up a secured company environment, Data classification and management...) and business (What is the impact of privacy legislation on the business? How can the new privacy legislation be transformed into an opportunity for the business?).


  • I see privacy and data protection as an opportunity for the business of which you have to take as much advantage as possible
  • Customer centricity is key in this strategy. I am convinced that GDPR can be a tool to increase customer confidence and thus your customer relationship will improved.