ANSPDCP (Romania) - 07.12.2023

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ANSPDCP - 07.12.2023
Authority: ANSPDCP (Romania)
Jurisdiction: Romania
Relevant Law: Article 12(3) GDPR
Article 12(4) GDPR
Article 15(1) GDPR
Article 32 GDPR
Article 33(1) GDPR
Type: Complaint
Outcome: Other Outcome
Fine: 24000 EUR
Parties: n/a
National Case Number/Name: 07.12.2023
European Case Law Identifier: n/a
Appeal: n/a
Original Language(s): Romanian
Original Source: Romanian DPA (in RO)
Initial Contributor: maxinescu

Hora Credit IFN SA, a non-financial institution, was fined €24,000 following a data breach. The DPA found a violation of Article 32 GDPR, among others, since the institution sent documents containing the personal data of a client to the wrongful recipient.

English Summary


The Romanian DPA initiated an investigation regarding the practices of the non-financial institution Hora Credit IFN SA (the controller).

The investigation followed a complaint brought by a complainant, a client of the controller, claiming that the controller sent him by e-mail documents containing the personal data of another person, another client of the same controller.

Although the person receiving the e-mails notified the controller about the error that occurred, the controller did not remedy the respective error and continued to send messages to the wrongful recipient using the same e-mail address.


Following the investigation, the Romanian DPA assessed that the controller did not adopt sufficient security measures in line with Article 32 GDPR to prevent unauthorized disclosure of the complainant’s personal data to third parties. Furthermore, it was found that the controller did not notify the data breach to the DPA with the observance of Article 33(1) GDPR, respectively within 72 hours of having become aware of it.

Therefore, the DPA found the controller violated Article 32 GDPR, Article 33(1) GDPR, Article 15(1) GDPR and Article 12(3) and (4) GDPR and issued the controller a €24,000 fine.

The DPA also imposed the following corrective measures.

  • Firstly, it requested the controller to ensure compliance with the GDPR and implement appropriate and effective security measures when dealing with data processing operations pertaining to the purpose of concluding and executing loan agreements, in order to respect professional secrecy and confidentiality of the personal data of the controller’s clients.
  • Secondly, the DPA asked the controller to contact the complainant and request the deletion of the personal information they received.
  • Additionally, it mandated the controller to implement an adequate internal policy for identifying risks, analyzing them and notifying the DPA in case of a data breach, in accordance with Article 33(1) GDPR.
  • Lastly, the DPA requested the controller to inform its other client of the breach.


Unfortunately, the Romanian DPA does not publish its full decisions.

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English Machine Translation of the Decision

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