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Welcome to GDPRhub!

GDPRhub is a wiki with GDPR-related decisions and knowledge, enabling anyone to find and share GDPR insights across Europe!

GDPRhub collects and summarises decisions from Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and courts across Europe. We believe a good overview of national decisions is a key to a pan-European debate on the interpretation of contentious GDPR issues. As we monitor more than 100 webpages across all Member States for new decisions, this database grows day by day — subscribe to GDPRtoday to get a weekly update!

GDPRhub is an initiative by noyb.eu, and made possible by the contributions of hundreds of volunteers.

GDPR Decision Database
GDPRhub contains summaries of 2000+ national GDPR decisions that you can search for free:

You can also browse decisions grouped by GDPR Article, Data Protection Authority, National and European Courts, Jurisdiction, Year or Language of the Original Decision.

GDPR Knowledge
On GDPRhub you can also find knowledge about the GDPR and its enforcement — anything from the phone number of the Icelandic DPA to a deep dive into each article of the GDPR.
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GDPR commentary
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DPAs & procedures
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Besides the volunteers that contribute spontaneously, our country reporters are the regular contributors that help keeping the GDPRhub consistent, up to date and accurate. As a country reporter, you will hear about new decisions in your chosen country via email or our internal chat rooms, and may be asked if you can contribute a summary. Ideally you can update the GDPRhub for your home jurisdiction that you may already be following through your daily work.

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