CJEU - C-701/20 - Avis Autovermietung

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CJEU - C-701/20 Avis Autovermietung
Court: CJEU
Jurisdiction: European Union
Relevant Law: Article 80(1) GDPR
Article 80(2) GDPR
Article 84(1) GDPR
Parties: Avis Autovermietung GmbH
Verein für Konsumenteninformation
Case Number/Name: C-701/20 Avis Autovermietung
European Case Law Identifier:
Reference from: OGH (Austria)
Language: 24 EU Languages
Original Source: Judgement
Initial Contributor: n/a

See Holding for the question referred.

English Summary


Facts pending decision.


Question referred:

Do the rules in Chapter VIII, in particular in Article 80(1) and (2) and Article 84(1) GDPR, preclude national rules which — alongside the powers of intervention of the supervisory authorities responsible for monitoring and enforcing the regulation and the options for legal redress for data subjects — empower, on the one hand, competitors and, on the other, associations, entities and chambers entitled under national law, to bring proceedings for breaches of the GDPR, independently of the infringement of specific rights of individual data subjects and without being mandated to do so by a data subject, against the infringer before the civil courts on the basis of the prohibition of unfair commercial practices or breach of a consumer protection law or the prohibition of the use of invalid general terms and conditions?


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