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Become a GDPRhub Country Reporter!

We try to cover all EU/EEA member states and the UK, within the first year we summarized about 500 DPA and Court decisions on the GDPR.

We monitor about 100 pages and there are of course a lot of new decisions every day. While the noyb team is providing most new updates, we also rely on volunteers to help with this effort.

As a "Country Reporter" we will inform you about new decisions via email, a direct message or our internal chat system and ask you if you can submit a summary. Having Country Reports helps keeping the GDPRhub consistent, up to date and accurate much easier then solely relying on volunteers. Ideally you can update the GDPRhub for your home jurisdiction that you may be aware of in your daily work anyways.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Silver, Gold or Purple? Reach the next GDPRhub Country Reporter Status!

To recognize the great work of our Country Reporters, we introduced "Country Reporter Statuses", that follow our noyb supporting membership levels. Country Reporter that submitted a certain number of decisions which were then published in the GDPRtoday newsletter get a little gift and a certificate. In detail, this means that:

  • The first 10 summaries will earn you a "silver" status and a small GDPRhub "thank you" envelope (including GDPRhub stickers, noyb RFID and webcam covers, a card and alike).
  • 25 summaries earn you a "gold" status and get you a GDPRhub "thank you" box (including a GDPRhub button, noyb USB 3.0 drive and alike).
  • Whoever reaches a whooping 50 summaries reaches the "purple" status and will soon see a large GDPRhub "thank you" parcel in the mail (including a laser-engraved noyb mug, a personally signed thank you letter and alike).

We hope this tangible form of saying "thank you" for your support will be on your way soon!