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Become a GDPRhub Country Reporter!

As a Country Reporter you will be part of a community of like-minded professionals passionate about all things GDPR. We try to share knowledge about new decisions by DPAs or Courts and will notify you as soon as they are published in all the jurisdictions that you are interested in. To do so, we have our own communication platform on Mattermost, where can also get in contact with our team and other Country Reporters.

As a Country Reporter you summarize one of these decisions you're interested in and upload it to the GDPRhub. Noteworthy decisions and their summaries will then also be published in our weekly newsletter GDPRtoday for the thousands of our readers there.

In this way you help us to keep the GDPRhub

  • consistent,
  • up to date and
  • accurate.

Ideally, you take over decisions from courts or DPAs in whose working language you are fluent. That way, translation to English will not be such a problem for you and you do not have to rely solely on translation tools.

Plus: You will always be up to date about the developments of your home jurisdiction or jurisdiction you work in or are interested in.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Check our privacy policy for more information

P.S.: some more information which you might be interested in:

  • We try to cover all EU/EEA member states.
  • Within the first year we already summarized about 500 DPA and Court decisions on the GDPR.
  • We monitor more than 100 pages for new developments.
  • Our readers are professionals, curious minds, activists and many more.
  • They access our database from all over Europe, the US and Asia.

Silver, Gold, Magenta or Purple? Reach the next GDPRhub Country Reporter Status!

To recognize the excellent work of our Country Reporters, we introduced "Country Reporter Statuses".

Our Country Reporters receive a little gift (and a certificate, if wanted) when they submitted a certain number of decisions to the GDPRhub and the newsletter.

In detail, this means that:

  • Silver Status: The first 10 summaries will earn you the "silver" status and a GDPRhub "thank you" letter.
    • including GDPRhub stickers, a privacy-preserving noyb credit card holder, webcam covers and alike.
  • Gold Status: After 20 summaries, you are a "gold" status Country Reporter and will receive a GDPRhub "thank you" package from us!
    • including a GDPRhub notepad and pencil
  • Magenta Status: You have submitted 35 summaries already, wow! You are a "magenta" status Country Reporter now.
    • We are excited to send you a little surprise. :)
  • Purple Status: You reached a whopping 50 summaries!!! You are a "purple" status member of our Country Reporter team and you will soon see a large GDPRhub "thank you" parcel in the mail!
    • Just a small hint about the contents: We hope you like coffee, tea or other hot beverages.

It will be a great pleasure for us to send this tangible form of saying "thank you" your way.

So - what are you waiting for?

Get active now and be ready to receive a gift from Vienna soon.