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GDPRhub is neutral, free, open and volunteer-driven wiki.

Nevertheless content creation and management creates substantial costs for noyb. We support this project from our general budget and donations. To help with some of these costs, GDPRhub enables third parties (that relate to our topics and are aligned with our principles) to sponsor GDPRhub and GDPRtoday with a (privacy friendly) banner and link to their page.

Sponsors get the chance to present your company, product, job offer, service, publication or event to a highly specialized audience of data protection professionals from various sectors on multiple channels: on GDPRhub, the weekly GDPRtoday newsletter and GDPRhub on Social Media.

You can find out more about the options for sponsorships on this page. If you have any further questions please contact us at

Sponsorship Principles

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please make sure to read our general principals for sponsorships. Since our independence and neutrality are core to us, we set strict limits to avoid any negative experience or even just the suggestion of any conflict of interest for everyone. We review each proposal individually and will take the following aspects into account:

  • Sponsorship of GDPRhub and GDPRtoday is meant to offset some of the costs of this open and free project.
  • We only allow non-targeted banners and texts with a simple link to a third party page.
  • We review the details and track record of any sponsor or partner to ensure that there is no conflict of interest.
  • The promoted products or services need to be GDPR compliant and relevant to our audience.
  • noyb cannot itself recommend services or products as being specifically privacy friendly, since we do not have the capacity to analyse and test them in depth. The costs for doing so would usually exceed the amount that a sponsor or partner would support us with.
  • Sponsors or partners may not indicate that noyb supports their services and products.
  • If noyb takes enforcement action in any area where a sponsor or partner is active, we will not inform a sponsor or partner thereof and investigate every controller equally and independent of sponsorships.
  • We may terminate sponsorships at any time, should any conflict of interest arise.

Sponsorship Options

As a sponsor you get the chance to present your company, product, job offer, service, publication or event to a highly specialized audience of data protection professionals from various sectors on multiple channels:

  • banner on GDPRhub
  • single ad with your logo, text and link to your landing page in the weekly GDPRtoday newsletter
  • your logo in our GDPRhub posting on Social Media (Twitter/LinkedIn).

GDPRhub Website

GDPRhub Sponsorship Website (StartPage)


More than 300 volunteers contribute to GDPRhub and the page has on average 21,00 unique visitors per day, around 60% of those from EU/EEA, 25% from the US and 10% from Asia. Your banner graphic on top of GDPRhub will be shown as an exclusive sponsorship on the page and alternate with up to three other banners and therefore visible to at least 25% of all impressions.


  • graphics with 1100px x 100px (format: .png, .jpg and .gif)
  • link to your landing page

GDPRtoday Newsletter

GDPRtoday Sponsorship, Mobile (StartPage)


GDPRtoday is a weekly newsletter that summarizes decisions that are collected in noyb‘s open wiki GDPRhub. The newsletter consists of a column on data protection issues and policy developments in the European Union and the latest cases by DPAs and Courts. Your exclusive sponsorship of a newsletter will be shown on top of the newsletter, including a text that is visible even when pictures are not displayed by email clients (for example on Outlook).

GDPRtoday was started in April 2020 (with 1,926 subscribers) and has growing numbers of readers ever since: by June 2024, the newsletter has more than 12,000 subscribers from 60 countries, most of them highly specialized in the field of data protection (lawyers, DPOs and alike). We value our readers’ privacy and the newsletter is untracked, that’s why we can’t provide information on Click-Through Rates, Opening Rates and alike.

Based on voluntarily submitted details and the TLDs of domain names we currently (Q3 2021) have readers of GDPRtoday that are coming from 60 countries, with 30% coming from German speaking countries and 93% coming from the EU/EEA. The vast majority are data protection professionals (DPOs, lawyers and members of legal departments).


If you want to place an ad in the weekly GDPRtoday newsletter, which is sent every Thursday we need the following data (by Monday):

  • Picture 250px x 250px
  • headline max. 25 characters
  • text (around 300 characters, incl. spaces) and
  • text for link (around 25 characters)

GDPRhub on Social Media


Daily postings on LinkedIn and Twitter (@gdprhub) reach more than 5,700 followers, including weekly retweets by @noybeu (18.4K followers) and @maxschrems (54.8K followers).


You logo will be added to the intro of every posting on LinkedIn an Twitter for one week.

  • max. height 200px, width 600px (format: .png, .jpg)

More Information

If you are interested in our sponsorship options or have questions, do not hesitate to contact us at