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GDPRhub Style Guide[edit | edit source]

Every EU jurisdiction has different legal writing styles. We have tried to develop a common ground in our GDPRhub style guide.

→ Please consult the GDPRhub style guide before you edit pages.

How to edit an existing page[edit | edit source]

In general editing a wiki is simple: Just click the "edit" button in the right corner of a page and change the text.

→ For more details (like formatting) we recommend to check out the MediaWiki Help Page!

Text Editor[edit | edit source]

Traditionally you can edit Wikis in a text editor. Just click on "edit source" to get to the text editor. Here you can also enter Markup like [[Article 6 GDPR]] to make a text link to other pages. The text editor allows you to see the raw code of a page and gives you full control over what you edit.

Visual Editor[edit | edit source]

The visual editor allows you to edit the front page directly. Just click on "edit" to open the visual editor. This may be helpful if you only want to change a typo or add a sentence here and there.

Add a new decision[edit | edit source]

If you want to add a new decision, you can find all information here on the "Add a decision" page!

→ See How to add a new decision

Add a new page[edit | edit source]

It is generally not foreseen to add other pages than new decisions. You may however submit a new page like on any other wiki.

How to: add/update a DPA page[edit | edit source]

We currently use the pages about the DSB (Austria) and DPC (Ireland) as examples to follow.

They both follow this broad structure: 1. Structure; 2. Procedural Information; 3. Practical Information; 4. Decision Database; 5. Statistics

Please check the DSB and DPC pages for subheadings + concrete examples!