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Collaborate for Success in Data Security and Privacy

Let's collaborate for success! Reach out to me via email or LinkedIn, and let's discuss how we can work together to strengthen data security and privacy. By joining forces, we can make a meaningful impact and ensure a safer digital environment for everyone involved.



Dedicated Advocate for Cybersecurity and Privacy

I am a dedicated advocate for cybersecurity and privacy, committed to safeguarding businesses and individuals in today's digital landscape. With a solid foundation as an IT Business Owner and expertise as an Ethical Hacker and Privacy professional, I offer customized and secure solutions for Privacy compliance.

Notable Privacy Advocacy and Achievements

I have been actively involved in several significant privacy cases, advocating for businesses and individuals to protect their sensitive data and privacy rights. Here are some notable results I have achieved:

Company Year DPA Articles Violated Complaint Outcome
OpenAI 02/2023 Garante
  • Article 5.1.A
  • Article 8
  • Article 12
  • Article 14
Following The Italian DPA's decision 9852214 to limit the AI-powered ChatBot Replika's processing temporarily, I informed them about similar issues with OpenAI's tool, ChatGPT, on a larger scale. The main problem was the lack of protection for minors from harmful content and the absence of age verification or content moderation. The Italian DPA imposed a temporary limitation on the processing of personal data by the AI software ChatGPT.
OpenAI 02/2023 HDPA HDPA has initiated a data protection audit following the complaint against OpenAI, L.L.C
Meta 05/2023 HDPA
Linkedin 05/2023 HDPA