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GDPRhub is a free and open wiki that allows anyone in Europe to find and share GDPR insights

The content on GDPRhub is divided into two databases: decisions and knowledge.

In the decisions section we collect summaries of decisions by national DPAs and courts in English. The summaries can be searched according to each GDPR article, a DPA or a court. Every day we monitor more than 50 webpages in each Member State. This page currently contains 100+ decisions and the goal is to reach 500+ by the end of 2020. We believe a good overview of national decisions is a key to a pan-European debate on the interpenetration of contentious GDPR issues. Get all new decisions delivered right to your mailbox and subscribe to the GDPRtoday newsletter!

In the knowledge section we collect commentaries on GDPR articles, DPA profiles, and 32 GDPR jurisdictions (EU + EEA). In this database you can find anything from the phone number of the Icelandic DPA to a deep dive into each article of the GDPR.

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GDPR Decision Database GDPR Knowledge
Summaries of 100+ national GDPR decisions according to GDPR Articles, DPAs, national courts, and the CJEU. Commentary on the first 21 GDPR Articles, profiles on 33 DPAs, the EDPB, and profiles on 32 GDPR jurisdictions.
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GDPR Commentary
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Start contributing today!

Anyone can help add more information to this wiki, improve existing pages or correct mistakes in existing articles. You can just kick the "edit" button on the top of any page and grow the open and freely available GDPR knowledge in this very moment!

Page Status

  • GDPR Decisions: Currently the page includes 100+ DPA and Court decisions, mainly from the end of 2019. New decisions are constantly added. We aim for 500+ decisions by the end of 2020.
  • GDPR Commentary: An initial commentary of Articles 1 to 21 is included. All other Articles need comments.
  • DPA Profiles: So far profiles on about 10 DPAs are complete. The 16 German state DPAs are currently missing and will be added soon. All other DPA profiles include the basic information, but need to be completed.
  • Jurisdiction Profiles: So far profiles on about 10 GDPR jurisdictions are complete. All other jurisdiction profiles include the basic information, but need to be completed.