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Become a GDPRhub Country Reporter!

We try to cover all EU/EEA member states and the UK, within the first year we covered about 500 DPA and Court decisions on the GDPR.

We monitor about 100 pages and there are of course a lot of new decisions every day. While the noyb team is providing most new updates, we also rely on volunteers to help with this effort.

As a "Country Reporter" we will inform you about new decisions via email, a direct message or our internal chat system and ask you if you can submit a summary. Having Country Reports helps keeping the GDPRhub consistent, up to date and accurate much easier then solely relying on volunteers. Ideally you can update the GDPRhub for your home jurisdiction that you may be aware of in your daily work anyways.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Overview over GDPRhub Country Reporters and Cases

Below you can see the number of GDPRhub Country Reporters and a link to the the number of DPA and court decisions right now. Check out the status in the jurisdiction (how many cases are there, is there a high volume or a lack of reporting?) that is relevant to you and send us an email via the "Become a Country Reporter" link up there if you think you may be able to help us in a specific country.

Green = Well covered (enough reporters for the number of decisions)

Orange = More reporters would be very helpful (increased workload)

Red = Urgent need of reporters (no reporters or many decisions)

Country / DPA Court Decisions Number of Country Reporters
EU Member States
Austrian DSB Austrian Court Decisions 5
Belgian APD/GBA Belgian Court Decisions‎ 7
Bulgarian CPDP Bulgarian Court Decisions 2
Croatian AZOP Croatian Court Decisions‎ 5
Cypriot Commissioner Cypriot Court Decisions‎ 4
Czech UOOU Czech Court Decisions 0
Danish Datatilsynet Danish Court Decisions‎ 1
Estonian AKI ‎Court Decisions 0
Finnish Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimisto Finnish Court Decisions‎ 1
French CNIL French Court Decisions‎ 7
German State and Federal DPAs German Court Decisions 8
Greek HDPA Greek Court Decisions‎ 4
Hungarian NAIH Hungarian Court Decisions‎ 2
Irish DPC Irish Court Decisions‎ 5
Italian Garante Italian Court Decisions 9
Latvian DVI Lativan Court Decisions‎ 0
Lithuanian ADA Lithuanian Court Decisions‎ 2
Luxembourgish CNPD Luxembourgish Court Decisions‎ 4
Maltese IDPC Maltese Court Decisions‎ 1
Dutch AP Dutch Court Decisions‎ 6
Polish UODO Polish Court Decisions 5
Portuguese CNPD Portuguese Court Decisions‎ 2
Romanian ANSPDCP Romanian Court Decisions 3
Slovakian UOOU Slovakian Court Decisions‎ 0
Slovenian IP Slovenian Court Decisions‎ 1
Spanish AEPD Spanish Court Decisions‎ 9
Swedish Datainspektionen Swedish Court Decisions‎ 4
EEA Member States & UK
Icelandic Persónuvernd Icelandic Court Decisions‎ 0
Liechtensteiner Datenschutzstelle Lichtenstein Court Decisions‎ 1
Norwegian Datatilsynet Norwegian Court Decisions‎ 2
UK ICO UK Court Decisions 8
EU Bodies
EDPS European Court Decisions‎ 0